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This is Where Your Path Starts. The Summit is Here to Help You Along the Way.

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To Start Your Journey

Making the decision to start the journey from addiction to recovery often seems overwhelming for individuals seeking help. However, The Summit strives to ease this process by offering a supportive environment.


Our admissions team understands the sensitivity of each person's situation, providing personalized conversations, streamlined insurance verification, and thorough pre-admission screenings. With a commitment to a luxurious yet comfortable atmosphere, The Summit ensures a seamless and reassuring journey towards rehabilitation, making the experience more accessible for those in need.


Durring your Stay

We recognize that choosing luxury rehab is a significant decision in itself. To streamline the packing process for you, we've created a downloadable checklist. Personal computers and electronics are intentionally limited those who elect for our Senior Executive program, to foster a distraction-free environment, promoting focused commitment to recovery. This exclusivity ensures a tailored, serene space for self-reflection and well-being without unnecessary interruptions.

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Of Family Visitation

The Summit emphasizes family support in mental health and addiction recovery. Visits on Fridays provide emotional support and motivation, while family counseling helps resolve conflicts and rebuilds trust. Strong social support improves treatment retention, lowers relapse rates, and enhances mental health, fostering lasting sobriety and well-being. For more information click HERE

Are you or someone you love struggling with addiction?

We can help.

Main entrance from the motorcourt with stunning rotunda Preston Westmoreland.jpg
Main entrance from the motorcourt with stunning rotunda Preston Westmoreland.jpg

Check-in Process

  • Upon entering The Summit, individuals can anticipate a check-in process characterized by warmth and discretion. The dedicated staff is committed to creating a welcoming environment, understanding the sensitivity of the transformative journey ahead.

  • Clients can rest assured that their privacy is of utmost importance, and the initial steps involve ensuring confidentiality. Following this, a thorough assessment is conducted, encompassing medical, psychological, and lifestyle evaluations.

  • This comprehensive analysis lays the groundwork for a meticulously crafted and personalized treatment plan, ensuring that each individual's unique needs are central to their recovery journey.

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and Amenities

  • The Summit distinguishes itself by providing opulent accommodations and an array of amenities designed to enhance the healing environment. Clients can expect to reside in sumptuous living spaces that prioritize both comfort and tranquility.

  • Wellness amenities, fully equipped fitness centers, and an array of recreational activities, contribute to the overall sense of well-being.

  • Gourmet dining, tailored to individual dietary needs, adds a culinary dimension to the rehabilitation experience. These high-end features not only elevate the overall stay but also embody a holistic approach to recovery, addressing the mind, body, and spirit.

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Group Therapy

Treatment plans

  • At The Summit, the focal point of the experience is a highly personalized treatment plan that caters to individual needs.

  • Therapeutic approaches, such as individual counseling and group therapy, constitute the core of the treatment, complemented by alternative therapies like art, yoga, and meditation.

  • The daily schedule is thoughtfully structured to maintain a balance between therapeutic sessions, fitness activities, and dedicated moments for self-reflection.

  • This comprehensive approach not only addresses the underlying causes of addiction but also empowers clients with coping mechanisms and skills vital for sustained recovery at The Summit.

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Are you worried your addiction is negatively impacting your life?

We're here for you.

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