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The Summit is designed to cater to individuals seeking a high-end and comprehensive approach to addiction therapy and mental health treatment. Our beautiful and all-inclusive center is designed for:


and Executives

  • Individuals with demanding professional schedules who require flexible treatment options. 

  • Executives and senior professionals who value privacy and discretion during their rehabilitation. 

Individuals Valuing Personalized Care

  • Those who desire personalized and individualized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs. 

  • Individuals looking for a holistic approach that combines evidence-based therapies, luxury amenities, and wellness programs. 

Those Seeking a Tranquil Environment

  • Individuals who appreciate the serenity and privacy of upscale facilities set in the beautiful landscapes of Arizona. 

  • Those who seek a retreat-like setting for their recovery journey. 

Those Preferring Exclusive Accommodations

  • Individuals who want exclusive and private accommodations, such as private rooms or suites, with luxurious amenities. 

  • Those who appreciate a high level of comfort and a serene environment for their rehabilitation. 

Clients Who Want Additional Amenities

Individuals who value supplementary services like spa treatments, gourmet meals, fitness programs, and other luxury amenities that contribute to a holistic healing experience. 

People with a Desire for Enhanced Privacy

  • Individuals who prioritize confidentiality and discretion during their rehabilitation process. 

  • Those who want to be in an environment where their privacy is respected and safeguarded. 

It's important to note that while The Summit offers a high level of comfort and exclusive amenities, we also provide evidence-based therapies and professional treatment services to address addiction, mental health issues, and co-occurring disorders. The Summit is the best choice for those who seek a premium and tailored experience on their journey to recovery

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